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Dangerous UV radiation threatens not only our skin but also our eyes. Few people treat themselves to high-quality sunglasses. They are satisfied with cheaper versions that include a weaker UV filter, but can more damage your eyes than help in the long run. When exposed to intense solar radiation for a long time, the eyes can defend themselves with their special protective function, but it causes them to get tired and overloaded more quickly. Especially people who are sensitive to the sun should not underestimate the importance of the regular use of quality sunglasses and should wear them all year round, not just in the summer months.

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We will provide expert assistance when choosing sunglasses in our store. We need to consider not only your visual defect, but also carefully choose the tinting and type of glasses based on it. Indeed, patients with minus diopters are generally more sensitive to light, some even photophobic, so they must wear darker glasses to give them a safe and enjoyable stay in bright sunlight.

The most popular is the brown and gray tinting of the glasses as they minimize distortion. Polarizing effect sunglasses are ideal for driving, reducing the amount of reflected light into the eye retina and thus eliminating an intense glare.

An important factor in choosing sunglasses is the light transmittance through the glass. We also assess the UV filter, which should be 400 nanometers, which means that it does not allow a dangerous ultraviolet light of a risky wavelength to pass through. If you have data referring to 100% UV on the glasses, it doesn’t tell you anything about the quality of the sunglasses. In case of doubt, come to the vision center to measure the UV filter on your current sunglasses.