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Examination of visual acuity

The first step to new glasses is to measure the state of your eyes thoroughly. We always start our measurements with an initial consultation, where we find out your previous experience with wearing glasses or lenses.
It is important to know whether you are active in sports, what your job is, how you are living, and what problems you are encountering in the ordinary days when viewing things at a distance and near you.

We also find out about your family history, including various eye defects or problems, in order to better identify visual problems. If you already wear glasses, the optometrist will measure your eyesight on a special device – an automatic refractometer. Subsequently, we proceed to determine the specific dioptric values. These are obtained using spectacle lenses with different diopters, which the optometrist exchanges until setting the exact diopter values or revealing other eye defects such as astigmatism. Finally, it checks the front eye segment through a microscope.

Make an appointment for a vision examination

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After evaluating the measured data, you will learn the exact size of your diopters and the recommendation on what type of glasses to choose, or whether you can alternate them with your lenses. Vision measurement is available in our shop every weekday. However, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance. If you wear contact lenses, do not put them on at least an hour before the examination so that the measured values are as accurate as possible.