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Prescription sunglasses

Do you have your favorite sunglasses but you can’t wear them because you have an eye defect? One of the possibilities is to deploy lenses with the appropriate diopters, but it is easier and more convenient to make glasses and put them directly into the favorite frame. In our vision center, we are able to incorporate extra types of lenses in different frame sizes into the frame: lightweight, thinned or anti-reflective glass. Prescription sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the sun and UV rays but give you a sharp vision. The frame design must be firm and durable.

I want prescription sunglasses

Make an appointment for measurement

Our opticians will discuss your options with you, and together with you will choose stylish sunglasses, which will then be fitted with prescription lenses. As part of the consultation, we will investigate for which purposes you will use the sunglasses – sports, social events, everyday wear to assess the most suitable type of glass and finish. Sunglasses with diopters should provide a high vision comfort and safe sun protection.