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Prescription glasses

In our store, you can choose from a truly varied and wide range in all price categories and different styles. Simple, even extravagant, metal, plastic frames or stylishly drilled dioptric frames – there are no glasses that we can’t provide. We cooperate only with the best manufacturers of quality spectacle lenses, which we adapt to the individual visual needs of each client.

I need prescription glasses

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A precondition for perfect prescription glasses that will serve their purpose is to measure with modern digital technology. The type of dioptric lens itself is then selected not only by the material but also by its optical effect. You can choose between mineral lenses that have a high scratch resistance, but the disadvantage is their higher brittleness. Plastic spectacle lenses are very popular because they are lightweight, have excellent optical properties, are well machined and are resistant to breakage. In extreme cases, extra hard glass can also be used. Furthermore, we select diopter lenses into your spectacle frame according to their optical effect: whether you need single-lens, multifocal, bifocal, thinned or photochromatic lenses.