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In our eye vision center, we can make spectacle glasses not only of traditional classic shapes but you can also choose an atypical shaping or engraving directly on the lenses. It allows us to use an innovative ground-breaking technology that shapes and processes dioptric lenses with maximum precision to meet not only design requirements but to provide the eyewear owner with a perfect visual experience. Buffing technology Mr. Blue 2.0. consists of a precise machining and automatic centering of the lenses according to the specified parameters. The special “Fit 4 Frame” function ensures that your prescription lenses fit perfectly into the spectacle frame without shaking or spoiling the resulting aesthetic impression.

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We also have absolute control over the axis during buffing, even with the highest glass curvature. Do you wish to decorate your lenses, or do you have any other creative idea? We will do our utmost to fulfill your wishes down to the last detail in our vision center.