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DNEye scanner measurement

Eye scanning using the DNEye scanner is a painless, fast and very effective way to measure even the slightest deviations in your eye. This technology even takes into account the size of your pupil. It is able to collect large amounts of data about your vision. Unlike conventional measuring instruments, the DNEye scanner also monitors the refractive errors of the eye, taking into account the axis, cylinder or spherical diopters. It can also measure so-called “high order aberrations”, which are responsible for a reduced ability to see in a dim or a weakened contrast.

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The result of the measurement using the DNEye scanner technology is a sharper eyesight with high contrast and a wider visual zones. It provides a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the patient’s entire visual system. The DNEye scanner will provide a new visual dimension that you have never seen before. It improves your vision even in a dim light and uses your maximum visual potential. The dioptric glass is tailored to your perspective at every single point. The glasses are compatible immediately after putting them on, the time of habituation is considerably shorter and all the satisfied customers praise the wearing comfort.