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Contact lenses

The biggest advantage of contact lenses is undoubtedly the unlimited peripheral vision. You will especially appreciate them during sports and in situations where your perfect vision is very important. Modern contact lenses can now correct every eye defect. With proper handling and selection, you will get an effective and safe replacement for your glasses. However, it should be added that it is better to alternate contact lenses regularly with glasses to avoid unnecessary eye irritation.

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Individual multifocal lenses

Special multifocal contact lenses combine different dioptric forces in one lens. They contain both near and far lenses. Thanks to the special double-focal structure, they help older people whose eyes can no longer focus on objects or distances. The vision zones in the multifocal lenses are located in concentrated circles.

Lenses for working with your computer

Working with your computer can cause a so-called dry eye syndrome. It manifests itself by unpleasant stinging, burning, cutting, feeling as if something has fallen into your eye. When choosing a contact lens for working with a computer, we always take into account innovative technology and their wearing comfort. The lenses have a perfectly smooth surface and incredible flexibility. Well-selected contact lenses for work with your computer prevent the feeling of tired eyes, refresh them and, thanks to their material, allow up to 100% oxygen, allowing the eyes to breathe better.