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Automatic pressure measurement

Measuring an intraocular pressure is of paramount importance, especially from a preventive point of view. Because of the regular measurement, we can recognize deviations and changes in the pressure level in time.
If the balance between the inflow and the drainage of the intraocular fluid is disrupted in the eye, dangerous structural transformations can occur, which can ultimately lead to blindness. In our vision center, we measure intraocular pressure using a top-of-the-line high-precision instrument.

I want to measure an intraocular pressure

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A long-term increased eye pressure in patients with glaucoma may lead to persistent blindness, so a regular monitoring is highly desirable. In reduced intraocular pressure, there is a deformation of the ball of the eye. Tonometry is nowadays most often performed using a modern contactless measurement. If there is someone in your family suffering from eye pressure problems, you should certainly go for intraocular pressure measurements as a precautionary measure.