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Application of contact lenses

Expert assistance is essential for the application of contact lenses. The patient can also get seriously hurt by hasty or nervous work with lenses. We will teach you to put the lens on in the comfortable, intimate environment of our store. In addition to the practical part, we will familiarize you with hygiene rules, how to keep the contact lenses, how to take care of them, how to handle them, so you do not damage their surface, which accessories to use and how to protect your eyes.

Do you want to try out contact lenses?

Order a consultation

You usually get one pair of recommended lenses for the trial period, along with detailed instructions. You will return to our shop at a specified time, where you can agree with our optometrist to take the selected type of lens, or request a change of the type.

Wearing contact lenses places higher demands on their owners, as it is necessary to adhere to their wearing period which depends on their type: -one-day, weekly, monthly, or three-month contacts. Do not exceed the official wearing period, otherwise, you may have trouble with an unpleasant eye inflammation and conjunctival infection may also occur with particularly unhygienic handling.