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Meet our team

“The right glasses are those that not only allow the clients to see as sharply as possible, but at the same time that are very comfortable to wear and do not press or slip, allowing people to live a more full-bodied life. That is the greatest reward for our work.”  Zsolt Oros, Founder 

Zsolt Oros
Zsolt Oros
Optician - Optometrist
Monika Orosová
Monika Orosová
Design and Marketing
Benjamin Oros
Benjamin Oros
Orsolya Szüllő
Orsolya Szüllő
Optometrist - student
Sarah Czéreová
Sarah Czéreová
Sales Assistant - Medical Student

Wide and varied assortment

More than 2500 frames available

Both luxury and affordable brands

We have glasses for everyone

Qualified certified optometrists

Real experts take care of you

State-of-the-art measuring technology

Maximum precision measurements

Free eyewear service

For all frames bought from us

100% satisfaction guarantee

We guarantee the highest quality

Oros Vision Center

We established our Oros vision center in 2014 in Šamorín. Since that time we have built a permanent clientele and a very good reputation in the region. How do we differ from other vision centers? Above all, on account of our highly individualized approach to the customer. We take care of every detail: from initial consultation to the final thorough cleaning of dioptres on new glasses. We care about the health of your eyes and we want to make your life with glasses or contact lenses as easy as possible. In our beautiful store, you will find not only the latest luxury-branded models but also smaller eyewear manufacturers, which everyone can afford.

  • More than 23 years of experience and practice

  • 7-member expert team

  • Elegant shop with an area of 200 m2

  • Choose from over 2,500 models

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