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3D centering system

Measuring with the 3D centering system allows you to determine the most accurate values for a perfectly comfortable and sharp vision. Leading ImpressionIST®, Individual-Service-Terminal from Rodenstock is capable of generating detailed vision data for each customer. Glasses produced based on information gathered not only provide the most natural vision but extend the field of vision to longer distances, reduce eye fatigue and ensure high wearing comfort.

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The handy machine works through two cameras that simultaneously capture data and store it in the system. The measurement takes place quickly, comfortably and the machine can also work with glasses or wide sides. Automatically corrects uncontrolled head movements, thereby eliminating deviations and maintaining absolute accuracy of measured values.

The ImpressionIST® function captures the customer in the different eyewear models he/she chooses. So you have a unique opportunity to see yourself at different angles, which will help you make decisions.

We also present various types of lens, material, thickness, size, dimensions or weight at the terminal helping us to choose the best possible option for your frame. Subsequently, we order the resulting measured values directly in the system, which saves a lot of time, so you can wear your glasses as soon as possible.

The ImpressionIST® information terminal is a source of rich information that our customers monitor and read daily. It serves as a practical service and information terminal. The freely accessible part of the portal is where we place news, fresh information about our products or sales events.